Sue Martin

Sue credits her school art teacher Bill Ogilvie with enthusing her about art although she eventually chose a very different career path in the corporate world. She has always loved colour and especially the Fauves period. Previously a gallery owner with her late husband, she encouraged many aspiring artists but did not have the time […]

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Georgie Clark

Autumn, Kalorama St Ives, Cornwall The Stage, Byron Bay Georgie Clark is an artist local to The Dandenong Ranges, but who has travelled widely. Her art has been a personal expression of her life journey, and reflects both her formal training and her constant exploration. Our current works of Georgie’s are expressionist landscapes, that evoke […]

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Lia Williams

Lia Williams’s first love was oil painting, but in more recent years she has been captivated by the translucent quality of and fresh appeal of watercolour. Lea finds her inspiration in the picturesque Yarra Valley, where she lives, together with the sea and surrounding mountains.

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Mark Gibbs


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It Hao Pheh

It Hao Pheh, born 1972 and raised in multi-faceted Penang, Malaysia. In 1991, he received a full scholarship to study at Malaysian Institute of Art, majoring Fine Art in oil. In 1999, he exchanged Malaysia for the green elds of England in pursuit of a honour degree in Fine Art at The Surrey Institute of Art and […]

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Cori Leeder

Sold Cori Leeder taught art throughout her school teaching career, and now enjoys doing her own work. Her association with the Dandenongs is through her daughter, who lives in Melbourne and has worked for a number of years in the architectural practice annexed to the gallery.

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Chris White

Chris’ painting career started partly as a result of frequent family excursions in the Victorian countryside leading to a lifelong love of the landscape which still remains his prime motivation, particularly the west coast and north east Victoria. His 40 year painting career has earnt him over 70 awards in Oil Painting, including a silver […]

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Julian Di Stefano

Julian Di Stefano is a visual artist, with an art teaching background. The visual diversity of creation is the source for his art; the exploration of the human image is particularly significant. Questions of identity and the human condition are an ongoing concern. His work delights in the visual, the wonder of the appearance of […]

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Thomas Gibbs

Thomas Gibbs studied his Bachelor of Fine Art at the Victorian College of the Arts (Melbourne, Australia) and has been classically trained in Italy and Greece. His studies have cultivated a deep respect for classical art and a desire to continue its legacy in a contemporary context. Gibbs’ paintings observe fleeting moments of love, loss, […]

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Marina Heading

Marina Heading is a contemporary Australian artist living and working in the picturesque Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne. Marina studied Ceramic Design at Monash University and then Fine Art for four years as part of her Bachelor of Education at Deakin University. She has been developing her style of expressive abstract paintings for over 10 years and […]

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Nick Harder

Nick is a self-taught artist, a father of three and a husband of one.  He is a non-practicing architect, and a primary teacher.  He is currently living in Alice Springs, and is enjoying soaking up a remarkable bit of country.  He has shown three solo exhibitions in Flinders Lane, Melbourne, as well as a combined […]

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Kate Reed

Kate Reed studied architecture at The University of Melbourne. When taking a semester at Copenhagen University she was taught to keep a visual journal, making sketches of buildings. Several years ago, while on long service leave, she restarted keeping such a journal in the form of a travel diary with watercolour sketches. With a desire to improve the […]

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Maggie Hartley

Maggie spent her formative years in the university city of Freiburg in southwest Germany, where she was a secondary school teacher and artist. Her inspiration for painting was the natural world. A Christian, she expresses a deep love for God’s creation, and this is evident in her work. Since coming to Australia in 2014, she […]

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Heather Bradbury

Heather Bradbury was born in Rochester, Victoria, Australia and currently lives in the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria. She is a wife and mother of four boys and has worked in the media and graphic design industry for around twenty-six years, connecting with people from all over the world. She loves painting photo realistic images inspired by […]

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