The Fiveways Galleries is found at Kalorama, on Mount Dandenong, the range to the east of Melbourne.

Fiveways is a well-known lookout with a view over Silvan Dam and the Warburton Ranges beyond. Apart from the gallery, there is a good cafe adjacent, offering breakfast and lunch.

The gallery building started life in 1923, was a shop and residence, and then a bank. It was established as a fine art gallery in 1969 by the artist Max Middleton, and has continued in that guise until today. Harry and Mary Berry ran the gallery for many years, until 2006. The current gallery owners are Ian and Heather Hartley.

There are a number of solo or group exhibitions held throughout the year, with general exhibits in between, featuring our regular artists. The artists include a number local to Mount Dandenong and Melbourne, as well as others further afield in Victoria.

WONDER – Pamela Pretty Exhibition

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In September and October we held a successful exhibition of Pamela Pretty’s work

Since joining our artists at Five Ways Galleries, Pamela’s work has been greatly admired and in demand. Apart from creating such contemplative and inspiring paintings, Pamela also runs classes in watercolour and pastel media at the Ringwood Arts Society.

Pamela shares, “Wonder is a word that is associated with sight and feeling and often relates to things beyond our grasp.

I am inspired by the way that children perceive the world with fresh eyes and hearts full of amazement and wonder in response to the world around them, seeing simple things that we take for granted and finding them fascinating.

This thought has inspired me to look deeply at some things and places around me and to share my view of them with you. I hope that you enjoy these paintings as much as I enjoyed making them.” Pamela Pretty

The gallery will hold a number of paintings from the Wonder exhibition in the near future

July Renewal

In July, the Five Ways Galleries carried out further upgrade works to two of our gallery rooms, in which new LED track spotlights were installed, bringing them up to the same energy efficient and high colour-rendition standard as the rest of the gallery.



The Gift

The exhibition of It Hao Pheh, The Gift, ran until our Winter closure at the end of June

It Hao has established himself as a highly esteemed water-colourist. With this show we also see something of the breadth of his talent, with dynamic oil paintings, acrylics and oil pastel works, to compliment his beautiful watercolours.

The landscape paintings are plain air and studio works of scenes around the Dandenong Ranges, South Gippsland and The Grampians. It Hao’s signature watercolours of  buildings and streetscapes are of recognisable locations around Melbourne. including Montsalvat, Malvern Town Hall and Toorak Road.

The works are in a range of sizes, from miniatures to a little over A1 size images. We have retained a selection of paintings from this exhibition for general showing.

Recently, It Hao took out first prize in the Rotary Camberwell Art Show, for a painting of Montsalvat.